Monday, September 15, 2014

My grandpa passed away

Yesterday morning, my grandpa went with the Lord.

I haven't been on here for several days. It's been crazy with my grandpa. Earlier last week, I almost lost him but because he was rushed to the hospital and got the care he needed, the Lord spared him and I'm thankful for that because I wouldn't have said my last goodbyes, gave him my kisses or to let him know that I loved him one last time. If you don't know me.... I am the kind of person that will take advantage of these times knowing that his time was short and that anything could happen. He was being treated due to fluid in the lungs caused by poor functioning of the heart.

I also learned that he was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

I knew that time was sensitive and I thanked the Lord for giving me the opportunity to spend these last few days and for allowing me to tell my grandpa that I love him. To have him say "I love you too" was especially sweet, special and somewhat comforting...

Thank you for praying. 

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