Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Update on Andrew: saw three different specialists

Update on Andrew:

This month, Andrew has already seen three different specialists. They are:

Urologist (on July 2nd)
Andrew has one testicle higher than the other. They said he has up to age two to see if it drops. If not, I am not exactly sure what they will do but I think they will try to move it down.  After he was born, he was too small to get circumcised but now he can get that taken care of anytime.  Not sure when that will be.

Ophthalmologist (on July 16th)

Andrew had both of his eyes checked. The good news is that the doctor said he can see with both of his eyes. Praise the Lord! However, on his left eye, he has strabismus-exotropia (alignment), ptosis (drooping of the upper eyelid) and amblyopia (decreased vision due to above).

The doctor said he will need to have surgery due to ptosis. They want to raise the eyelid so that he can see better.  It will also strengthen his vision. Before the surgery, he is required to wear a patch over his good eye so that he can get exercises to help strengthen his weak eye muscles.

Physical Therapist (on July 22nd)

Today, Andrew had his evaluation. The physical therapist said that he moves like a 2-3 months old. Therefore, he’ll need therapy to help him learn skills.  They want us to meet one time a week for 6 months. They’ll see what will happen from there about whether he is making fast progress or not.  A good thing, Andrew is flexible. Because of that, it is easier for the physical therapist to work with him.  Praise the Lord!  Although, there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

Thank you for your continuous prayers. Please, keep them coming!

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