Saturday, January 18, 2014

Finally, a video of baby Andrew

It took me a while to get this on here. I've been quite busy but finally worked on this video all night long until 3 in the morning. Why you may wonder? Well, I was using a program I am not familiar with and that's called Final Cut Pro X. Long story short, I couldn't remember my password to upload it on Youtube which can be shared on this blog. What's with forgetting my password? Geez. Don't even tell me... I already know. Heh.

This was taken back on January 11, 2014. I plan on creating another recent video, if not sooner, then they'll be one when he heads home.

So far, he's improving. He will still be staying at the hospital for a few more days. If not both of us, one of us always visit him. He lost some weight and went back to his birth weight, however, I was told today that he gained about 2 ounces. Either way, I'll take it as a praise! Giving Him thanks.

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