Friday, February 10, 2012

Random pictures of my little family

Hip hip hooray! I am finally able to take better pictures with a different camera. Here you'll see some interesting faces of my family.

Hmm, I sure don't know what Peter's smiling about.
She'd NEVER likes her pacifier as a baby.  Why now?!
Aw, ain't she a sweet sister or what?!

Joanna likes to put clothes over her head every now and then.
Daddy and his baby boy
Run, Joanna, Run!
The hubby.

The peace sign? Pffftt, o-kaaaay.

This would have been a nice photo if only I put the camera on "focus" towards Peter.  Hmph. Next time I'll remember this.  
Her bangs are growing long!
Now that she's a toddler she doesn't like bows... yet.
She is looking different. My baby girl is growing up so fast!  *sniff sniff*

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